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 About Civil Investigation Agency, Inc.  

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About Civil Investigation Agency Inc.

[ Florida Licensed Private Investigator  Lic A9100200]


CJ Sunderman Jr., Owner -  In business since 1981 • Navy Veteran

Retired Law Enforcement Officer & Crime Prevention Instructor 


C.J. Sunderman, Jr., the owner of Civil Investigation Agency, Inc., is a military veteran and retired police officer. In 1974, he was assigned to a crime prevention unit in Sarasota, Florida, where he developed a number of programs. From 1978 to 1980, he served as a part-time instructor at the National Crime Prevention Institute in Louisville, Kentucky.

During the course of his law enforcement career, Sunderman developed and copyrighted a program on resort security. He’s had a number of articles published on the topics of security and crime prevention. He has a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement from the University of South Florida and two degrees in criminal justice from Manatee Community College. Additionally, he’s a licensed alarm contractor.

In 1981, Sunderman retired from the police department and founded Civil Investigation Agency, where he oversees daily operations. His wife, Joanna, holds a degree in social science from Ohio University and a certificate in paralegal studies from the University of Colorado. She’s a licensed private investigator who’s experienced at background checks and online research.


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